Our Solutions

Zanhealth, our open-source inventory management software. Producing a complete picture of the equipment in a healthcare system.

A product used by repair techs, hospital admins, and donors to make smarter repair, procurement, and donation decisions. It monitors hospital inventories in real-time to help technicians better manage and maintain equipment.

Current Functionality:

  • Tracks medical equipment through entire lifecycle, from purchase to retirement
  • Includes fully-featured repair work order management system, complete with time and cost tracking features.
  • Displays detailed analytics for technicians and hospital admins
  • Automated preventative maintenance reminders and tracks maintenance history

Check out our code on Github for technical details.
Check out our user manual for specifications.

Engineering Course. Training Smart Technicians.

A 4-month course that trains local technicians to fix up to 80% of medical equipment without imported spare parts. This means that breakdowns are fixed quickly and cheaply.

To date, MED International’s programs have put back $300 000 of medical equipment for $500 of spare parts.